For Better or Worse, Student and Teacher Relationship is Changing

When first I heard about “Kes Cikgu Azizan”, I wasn’t even bothered to check it out.  Then it blew out, case was acquitted, mother want to sue, father disagree, father said he will do press conference but didn’t.  I admit I knew nothing about what happened, I try to read the news, however nothing is clear.  So I will reserve my judgement on that matter.

For this post though, I would like to talk about how this kind of case happen in the first place.  Or why I think it happen in the first place, nothing is fact just an opinion.

For me it got to do with relationship between student and teacher.  Teacher used to parent replacement or basically the father or mother of the student at school, and student accept that.  Hence, teacher get mad at student or “hit” them is normal and accepted as normal.

Now the relationship is different, teacher is teacher and that is that.  I think teacher need to accept this fact and restrain from using the old method, it will not work even if it work it will cause more trouble and distraction for the result to matter.

Even then, my relationship with teacher are vary.  Some more closer than other and I react to them differently.  I once get smacked real hard on the back for the reason I don’t want to disclose by a teacher and I hold no grudge, because he also my football team coach so we are close and I respect him profoundly.

A different teacher once get mad at me for talking in the class, which fair, he eyeballing me for the rest of the class and I hate him for it.  Why? Because personally I’m not that close with the teacher.  One teacher hit me, I don’t mind the other just in some way just want to make sure I shut up for entire class, I hate him.  Different in the way I react is due to how my relationship with the said teacher.

Today, based on my observation student considered a teacher as just that a teacher.  In harsh word “person who get paid to teach them”, nothing more than that.  So any “extreme” reaction from teacher in most case become unacceptable for the student and their parent alike.

The argument that we, “old folk”, take harsher punishment unfortunately just cannot hold water nowadays.  Public and teacher have to accept that in going forward.  Simply put, teacher shouldn’t touch a student and they also don’t have to in the first place.

Teacher should have a proper way, maybe they already have if that the case they should be more thoroughly implemented, for a teacher to handle bad apples.  The problematic student should be handled by “assigned” teacher with procedure in place and the parent should be involve as well.

Yes, teacher and student used to have relationship which more personal that just teaching them.  I, myself, would say that some teacher shape me of what I am today.  I used to be massive mess, now I less mess because of them.  I forever grateful for that.  Today, those kind of relationship almost gone and I think both teacher and public should realize that,

For better or worse, student and teacher relationship is changing.

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