In the name of God, I write this very first post to officialise the resurrection of this blog.  Despite the fact that I’m not particularly good at it, I do love writing.  Not so much on sharing idea or opinion but on the “act” of writing itself.  Finding the topic and how to structure the post always intrigue me, but I got distracted easily.  I have drafted number of post in this blog, which either I never finish writing it or I didn’t really think it was good enough to be published.


So I decided to make this blog alive again because I want to be serious in writing.  Not only in regard to write for this blog but also in something else entirely because as wise man once said to be good at something you have to want it as much as you want to breath.  My plan was to find some other blog or site where I can submit my piece and get published there, if not I will write something here, anything.

So what will be the subject?  Well, to be honest I don’t know.  It could be anything but here I will make a promise to myself and to you(if any), any post that I will publish here should be at least knowledgeable and not some random rambling or thought, it will be a subject which require me to do a research.  This post isn’t the example.  After this blog have few posts, I will change this post into “About” because this is rambling and not particularly useful to you is it?

Other than that, if somehow any of my written word published anywhere else, I will write an excerpt here and provide the link to the post.

I really hope this work out, don’t blame me though if it is not.  Tendency of me, finding interest in something else is very much possible.


p/s: image use in this post got nothing to do with the post for other than it look nice.  I plan to have my face up there, since this will become “About” page, but I have yet to have a good photo of myself, meantime bear with the so unrelated photo will you?

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