One of the oldest advise in the history of mankind, probably, is don’t trust your gut.  Any decision making must be based on properly thought pros and cons.

I, though, always rely on my gut.  My decision most of the time based on what I strongly feel or believe in.

Is it okay? Is it work well?  I don’t know and I’m not bother to find out.  When bad thing happen for example, I rarely look back and think “this happen probably due to my choices in the past” but I’m more like “well, shit happen”.

This post isn’t about me asking you to trust your gut.  In fact if you ask me for advise, I will say “Don’t trust your gut”.

The thing about trusting your gut is that, you must never feel regret.  Life is full of surprise, the thing you thought probably the best for you, might be not and vice versa.  Sure you can calculate all sort of thing, and make well thought decision but in the end the result still up in the air.

Regret won’t do you good, but always expect the worst possible outcome.  In the end your life is all about choices you made, and you must own it.

Today, I made a decision which very much will affecting my future, heavily.   I come to the decision solely based on gut.

What is it?  I will not write here, maybe I will write about it in full later on when I realize what kind of shit I get into.