In this inter-connected world everyone have a voice, and that’s a good thing.


You could go to any platform and voice out your opinion.  You could do it anywhere, anytime at anyplace.  Good isn’t?  Yes.

In all goodness there always will be “but”, so here come…

But, you mustn’t forget that your opinion is from you for you.  Whatever you opinion is about, to whom it was directed, in the end the opinion only applicable to you.  If someone agree with you, great but don’t even think that they should.

They have no obligation to do so.

Recently, I watched a film called Gifted.  It was decent movie, worth to check it out.  There is one scene where one character asked the other character whether or not the character believe in God. (I try to be as vague as possible to avoid spoiler so bear with me)

I might disagree with the the character view on God, but what come after is something that I can appreciate.  The character said (in my own word, because I just watch it one time and can’t remember it fully – will update once it available on internet)

“I have my opinion, but why should I cloud your opinion with mine”

While watching it, my mouth keep muttering “true,true”.  What the character meant is that, just because I have my opinion doesn’t mean that I should impose my opinion toward other.  They have right to form their own opinion which could be totally different than mine.

For me it become messy when so many voice out opinion but become so offensive or defensive when someone else have totally different opinion.

You are wrong, therefor I’m right.  I’m right, therefor you are wrong.

The truth is, okay not the truth, but in my opinion when it come to opinion it was never about right or wrong, because that opinion is meant for you and only you.

So you can take it in anyway you like just be open that there always someone who will disagree with you and THAT’S OKAY.

So go out there and share your opinion as much as you like but don’t be a dick about it.

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