Elevator Etiquette

I’m in process of importing my old post from my old blog to this new one.  It will take a while since I do it manually, sure wordpress have a tool for it, but meh, I more on adventurous side.


To compensate, I will write a quick, short and witty post as a conversation starter.  Okay scratch witty, maybe salty.

For any working class hero, you can’t avoid elevator.  Unless your office is just one floor, lucky bastard.  So, elevator can’t be avoided even how fit you are.  No, I don’t care you are full marathoner, you still use elevator, don’t you?

To set the context right, my office building in total have 9 Floors, I work on the 5th floor.  Pretty nice spot if you asked me.  In dealing with the elevator I have my own etiquette which I follow and hope by writing this, other will follow as well.  Sure no one will read it but man can have a dream, right?

So here are my elevator etiquette;

  1. Only use elevator if your destination is at least 3 level upward or downward, else use the stair you silly goose.   Unless of course if you have health condition.
  2. If someone already push the button for the floor that is one level up/down from your floor – DON’T GO TO YOUR FLOOR.  Just use stair to cover the one level different.  Unless if someone else push it, so you just silently judging that guy.
  3. If you are on phone, either don’t go in or off the call.  No other option.
  4. If you coming from long walk and a bit sweaty, use stair, I know it tiring, but come on.  Even if you smell perfectly fine.
  5. DON’T BE A BUTTON HOARDER, push your floor and stay away.
  6. Hold the door, hodor, only if someone requested, or someone near.  If the person is still far away don’t hold the it and expecting them to run.  That is not kindness, just a goddamn punishment.

The list is still growing, but in the end it all come to common sense.  Ain’t life like that as well?

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